Rebecca’s Testimony

My childhood did not begin in a Christian home. When I was 3-4, my parents divorced and my dad left the family picture. My mom remarried, and my step-dad, an Air Force pilot, soon had us relocated from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO to another base in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. Here, my mom became involved with the Officer’s Wives Club. A Christian lady took the time to share and explain the Gospel to my mom and not long thereafter, she was born again. I was now 7, and my mom explained these truths to me and I too was born-again and then water baptized in Cinco Bayou. What I loved most about God at this age in my life was how He was so often described in the Bible as a Faithful Father. I really loved this!  But as I grew older, I was never discipled in the core doctrines of scripture and spent most of my time with worldly young folk, and therefore, I was a very worldly teen. But I can honestly tell you that I loved God and my heart did desire more of Him. By the time I headed off to college in Northern CA, I had a pretty messed up head!  There were also issues of sexual abuse from my childhood that had never been dealt with, as well as my own moral failures. College life could’ve easily done me in. But thanks to my Faithful Father, He had much better plans!  In the midst of a very secular college, He made sure that I found an older friend, a Christian woman, who desired to disciple messed up college gals like me in the wonderful truths of the Bible. We met weekly, and I finally began to grow up in my Christian faith!  I understood more fully my place as a sinner in the sight of a holy God. I truly needed a Savior!  All that my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, had done for me became so real now as a 19 year old gal. And my desire to live and grow in Him has always remained since that time. I met and married Ty soon after this. I have homeschooled and raised up two beautiful daughters who both love Jesus and have committed to lives on the foreign mission field themselves. Ty and I love serving in the church, teaching and training others in biblical truth. We desire greatly to carry all this to China and, by the grace of God, continue more of the same there for many more fruitful years in His service!

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