Ty’s Testimony

I grew up in a small Northern California town.  Although exposed to Christianity, no direct Biblical influence except for some special saints that as I look back had impact in my life.  My parents divorced when I was in 7th grade and that really affected my life, also provided many freedoms a young man should not have.  I was involved in many worldly activities and by my senior year although having much freedom, I was miserable.  I remembered those special saints and the Jesus they talked about, so I went to this little country church to see if I could find any answers.  That day in April 1987, I heard the gospel and trusted in Christ as my Savior.  I knew instantly that I was changed, I was different and could see choices more clearly.  I did not understand much, but know now it was because I was born again, I was filled and sealed with the Holy Spirit.  Shortly after this decision, I was making better choices, however soon left for college.  The first year I isolated myself and soon became very much alone, which led me to a decision to move in with my old friends to conquer this loneliness.  God made it clear that if I moved in with them I would do the things they did.  I chose wrong and soon was living the same way again, over the next three years I spiraled out of control until final I could not take it anymore.  The Gideons gave me a little green bible on our college campus and I started reading this and praying.  Soon I was attending church and at a men’s retreat committed my life back to the Lord, as I was understanding what really had happened back in 1987.  Then a man started discipling me, which really got me on the right track.  Instead of going to parties, I went with groups to share the gospel with those same people.  God used this time and serving in the church to continue to grow me.  I met Rebecca and we got married with the desire to serve the Lord however He would have us serve Him.  We did this first by continuing to serve in the church and being senders.  We taught Sunday School, did outreach and other tasks.  In 2004, I was reading II Corinthians 5:14-15 and realized I should no longer be living for myself but for the Lord.  I told the Lord I wanted to do more.  I was ordained in 2006, served as bi-vocational church leader for four years.  My faith appeared to plateau at this point until coming to Vision at the end of 2012.  The men at Vision encouraged me to grow in the Lord and this sharpening propelled me to seek Jesus all the more.  I became even more addicted to the ministry, to reading and studying the Bible.  As described in the call section, we are now prepared to do more for Jesus.