Pepperdine Periodicals – May 2018

May 2018

Dear Pastors and Partners in the ministry,

We had another great month of presenting the ministry, meeting many wonderful people in several conferences and regular services.  Rebecca was able to teach the ladies in a couple of meetings and I enjoyed the many opportunities to preach.

We enjoyed presenting the ministry to China in twelve churches and traveled 6221 miles to eight different states.  This included: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.  We heard of two new supporting churches, plus three churches that sent in for the first time, increasing our percentage to 27%.

On our way to the meeting in Texas we stayed in a Prophets Chamber in Waco and enjoyed some local sites before our meeting started.  In Virginia, we visited some historic sites during the Missions Conference up there.  We are grateful for the many people we encounter who are “fellowhelpers of the truth”, “bringing us forward on our journey after a godly sort”(3John 5-8)

Prayer Requests

  • Salvation for those we share the gospel with on the road
  • Seven new supporting churches in May
  • More laborers for China

Thank you for praying for and partnering with us!  We could not go if it weren’t for partners like you.

In Christ,

Ty and Rebecca Pepperdine

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