Pepperdine Post – Weekly 5-19-2018

Weekly Update: May 19, 2018


I am writing this update, as we head to North Carolina for meetings tomorrow.  We had a fantastic week in two great churches, our youngest daughter arrived home from college, celebrated mothers day at our home church, and hearing from several new supporting churches.

Abigail, our youngest daughter, came home on Saturday, much to our delight.  We always enjoy when she is home.  Some of her friends from college stayed with us on Monday night, which was a blessing for us all.  Our oldest daughter, Emma and her husband Robert continue their internship in Argentina and are doing great, as they adapt to language learning and a new culture.  Rebecca enjoyed being at church with Abigail on Sunday morning for mothers day.  I am so thankful for Rebecca, she is such a wonderful mother and I am glad for the time to celebrate her.

On Sunday night, we were in a great church in Flintstone, Ga with a wonderful group of people and really enjoyed the pastor and his wife.  It was a blessing to present the ministry to China and preach.

On Wednesday, we were in Hampton, NC at a another nice church with great people.   Abigail traveled with us, which was fun and she was an added blessing to the church.  They were with out a piano player, she stepped up and played for congregational and specials.  I was able to preach and present the ministry to China.  Thankful for God’s wonderful family.

We heard of three new churches partnering with us to get the gospel to China, Praise the Lord!!

Are you over 18?  Would you like to do something meaningful with your life?  Something challenging and different from the norm; that would glorify Jesus?  We can help, but only the serious should apply.  Go to the below link and sign up:

Thank you for your prayers and support!!

Sincerely in Christ,

Ty & Rebecca Pepperdine

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