Weekly Update: August 18, 2018

Weekly Update: August 18, 2018


This week we were in four different churches, received 500 MP3 players with the Audio Bible in Mandarin Chinese, enjoyed a great masters class with Vision Baptist Missions and we experienced a little history.

We were grateful to be close to our home this Sunday.  In the morning, we were in Buford, GA, in a great church and I was able to present the ministry and preach.  We then drove to Loganville, GA, to present and preach.  The folks in both churches were great and we enjoyed the fellowship.

This Monday, I was able to go down to China town in Atlanta with several of the VBM missionaries going to China.  We had a great time eating authentic Chinese food and exploring some of the uniquely Chinese shops.  Afterwards, we went over to a local ministry that provided us with 500 solar powered MP3 players that had a Mandarin Chinese Audio Bible, as well as, a SD slot to add additional biblical resources.  We look forward to getting these into the hands of Chinese people.

On Tuesday, Pastor Austin Gardner taught another masters class, the topic was “Pastoring your Wife”.  These are helpful classes that equip us to lead and minister better to both our family and the church.  I am grateful for a mission board that continually trains us to be better ministers of the gospel.

We headed to Colonial Heights, VA, on Wednesday.  It was a long drive up, however worth it to have the opportunity to present the work that God will do in China and have the opportunity to fellowship with a great pastor and congregation.  We were there on the right night, as they had a homemade ice cream social.

While we were up in VA, we stopped in to see the second English settlement in VA, the “citie of Henricus”.  We learned that the first American College and hospital were on this site.  We enjoyed seeing replicas of the site and visiting with the historians.

This Saturday, we participated in a morning missions conference in Marietta, GA.  It was a blessing!  I loved the format, which was to have several missionaries set-up in different rooms, then have the congregation split up and at different time intervals come in.  We were able to tell each group about what God is doing in China, as well as, allow a time of questions.  It was great fun.  Afterwards, we all met in the main sanctuary for a time of preaching.

We serve a great God!! I am so glad I am saved and get to serve Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers and support!!

Sincerely in Christ,

Ty & Rebecca Pepperdine

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