Weekly Update: August 25, 2018

Weekly Update: August 25, 2018


This week, we were in three wonderful churches, spent time with family, met my pastors language teacher, and began a Missions Conference today.

On Sunday morning, we were in Fayetteville, GA, at a great church.  I was able to present the ministry to China and we enjoyed the fellowship.  In the evening, we were in another great church in Whitesburg, GA, where I was able to preach and present to the sweet people there.

In between churches on Sunday, we were close to Rebecca’s brother (first picture below) in Luthersville, GA, so we stopped in and had nice visit with him.  It was a blessing to see him, as it had been a while.

On Tuesday evening, I went to Awesome Preaching in August at Whitfield Baptist Church to hear my pastor, Austin Gardner, preach and meet the man (second picture below) who helped him to learn Spanish.  It was a blessing, as this man worked hard to make sure Pastor Gardner could speak the language well, so he could preach to the Peruvians.  When learning another language, men like this are very invaluable, as they tell you the truth, so you can improve.

Wednesday afternoon took us to Fort Valley, GA, to a great church, pastor and group of people.  I again had the privilege to preach and present the ministry to China.

Today, we started a Mission Conference in Hartsville, SC.  We are glad to be here and look forward to what the Lord will do the next two days.

Thank you for your prayers and support!!

Sincerely in Christ,

Ty & Rebecca Pepperdine

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