Weekly Update: May 26, 2018

Weekly Update: May 26, 2018


This week we were in three great churches, had a windshield wiper incident, a time zone mix-up and heard of a new supporting church.

As mentioned in last weeks update, we were in North Carolina for both of the Sunday services.  On Sunday morning we were in Wilson, NC, to present in a church there.  Afterwards, the pastor and his family took us to a local favorite, Parker’s Barbecue, which opened in 1946.  We enjoyed the experience and fellowship.  In the evening, we went to a church in Rocky Mount, NC.  Not only was it a great church, but it was our closest commute between churches on a Sunday, to date.  On Wednesday, we drove to a wonderful church in Crossville, TN and thankful that Abbi’s schedule allowed her to travel with us again this week. We continue to be grateful for the many wonderful people we have met and the opportunity to share what God will do in China.

The windshield wiper incident occurred on our way back home from North Carolina on Monday.  We hit a major downpour traveling south on I-85 near Salibury, NC and as I turned on the wipers to the fastest setting, the driver side wiper went flying off.  This made it difficult to see, so I pulled off at the nearest off-ramp.  We waited until the rain subsided, which was just a few minutes.  Then we traveled south bound, down the road alongside the freeway, in route to the nearest auto parts store about eight miles away in Salisbury.  As we were driving down the road, a fire truck was coming towards us to get on the southbound off-ramp we exited.  We looked over at the southbound lane, we should have been on, to see a major accident.  The timing and area of the accident could have easily put us in the middle of it, if not for the wiper incident.  Grateful for God protecting us as we travel the many miles each week.

On Wednesday, we traveled to Tennessee, which is split by eastern and central time zone.  My rule of thumb is west of Chattanooga is central and east of Chattanooga is eastern.  That did not work, this time, as the line is more east in Cumberland county where our Wednesday night service was held in Crossville, TN.  Needless to say, we arrived an hour earlier than planned.  It is always better to be earlier than later, so it worked out fine.

We heard of another partnering church this week, which makes four in the last ten days.  We are grateful for God’s people joining in to get the gospel to the world.

Are you over 18?  Would you like to do something meaningful with your life?  Something challenging and different from the norm; that would glorify Jesus?  We can help, but only the serious should apply.  Go to the below link and sign up:  http://ourgenerationministries.org/events/ogslc/

Thank you for your prayers and support!!
Sincerely in Christ,

Ty & Rebecca Pepperdine

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