Weekly Update October 06, 2018

Weekly Update: October 06, 2018


It was another great week on deputation.  The Lord blessed with four new partnering churches, including all three we were in this week, many miles in the car and special time with family.

On Sunday morning, we finished up a great conference in Jackson, GA, where the church family really blessed us in many ways.  We had a terrific time of fellowship over many meals, they blessed us with gifts and will be partnering with us to get the gospel to China.  In the evening service, we were in Hiawassee, GA, at a wonderful church, where I was able to preach and present.  We enjoyed a special time of fellowship afterwards and they told us they will be partnering with us, as well.  This was a double blessing for the day!

On Monday, we were able to spend time with Rebecca’s mom (Sue) and step-dad (Dave), as well as Robert and Emma, celebrating Dave and Emma’s birthdays.  It was a very special time and we enjoyed It immensely!  Also, we heard of a new partnering church, praise the Lord!

I headed to Virginia on Wednesday and Rebecca spent time with her parents for a few days down in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, where she spent part of her childhood.  The meeting Wednesday night in Culpeper, VA, was a blessing where I enjoyed a nice time of fellowship and was able to preach and present.  For the third time this week, the church told us they would be partnering with us,

On Friday, I met up with Rebecca and her parents in Pensacola to celebrate our youngest daughter Abigail’s birthday.  We were able to spend several days with her and really enjoyed it.

Thank you for your prayers and support!!

Sincerely in Christ,

Ty & Rebecca Pepperdine

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