Weekly Update – September 29, 2018

Weekly Update: September 29, 2018


I trust you all are doing well.  We have many things to be thankful, including two new partnering churches, being able to present and/or preach in four churches this week, an opportunity to preach in the jail ministry and several answers to prayers.

We heard of two new supporting churches this week, for which we are grateful!  Both churches contacted me on Wednesday in route to the Wednesday night service.

On Sunday morning, we were in a great church in Cherokee, NC.  The majority of the brethren were Cherokee Native Americans and they sang two songs in English, followed by Cherokee.  It was a blessing, we enjoyed the fellowship and the opportunity to preach and present the ministry to China.  After the service, we saw a herd of elk, which was pretty neat. In the evening service we were in Murphy, NC, at another wonderful church that was packed out and it was a joy to praise the Lord with these folks.  Again, I was able to preach and present.

On Tuesday night I was able to preach in the jail ministry, which is always rewarding.  The Lord used our team as we were able to minister to many of the different pods.  I rejoice in the opportunity to preach the life changing word of God.

The Lord blessed us with a meeting in Roanoke, AL, on Wednesday night.  I enjoyed the opportunity to preach and present the ministry to China to this wonderful group of brethren.  It was an encouraging night.

We started a missions conference on Friday night in Jackson, GA, that will go through Sunday.  We got off to a good start and I look forward to reporting on it next week.

In conclusion, I must take a moment to praise the Lord for answering several prayer requests this week.  He supplied meeting replacements, on short notice twice this week.  I will mention, one in particular, as it was literally right after I got through praying and asking God to help me fill the Wednesday night meeting.  The meeting was cancelled on Tuesday evening and on Wednesday morning, after praying, a pastor called me to reschedule a meeting we had in October.  In faith, I asked, if we could come tonight.  He said, that would be great.  God is good!!  We serve a Mighty God who does hear and answer prayer.

Thank you for your prayers and support!!

Sincerely in Christ,

Ty & Rebecca Pepperdine

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