Weekly Update – December 02, 2018

Weekly Update: December 2, 2018


This week we were in the Carolina’s for all of our meetings, I enjoyed a Masters class on adjusting to different cultures and had an interesting running partner.

On Sunday morning, I was able to teach Sunday School, preach and present in Mooresville, NC.  What a blessing to encourage this wonderful group of people and talk with a pastor who has been serving for many years.

In the evening service, drove an hour north to Yadkinville, NC.  I was able to preach and present in the service.  It is such a privilege to proclaim the word of God and enjoy fellowship with everyone.  One of their supported missionaries to the Philippines was their and we heard a brief update from this veteran family of 25 years of missionary service.  It was wonderful to hear all that God has done and is doing.

I was able to attend the VBM Masters class this month, which was on cultural adjustment.  We read two books, then heard from several veteran missionaries on the subject, including Pastor Gardner and Director Jeff Bush.  I am very thankful for the continuous training and preparation for the field.

This week, I had an interesting running partner.  I was running Monday morning in North Carolina on a trail I had never been on before.  I saw this guy running by, I thought I might have an opportunity to share the gospel with him, so I ran up next to him to make small talk.  I asked how the long the trail was, then he asked, “so what do you do?”  I told him I was a missionary and he laughed, he turned out to be a Baptist preacher.  We laughed and had a great run encouraging each other in the Lord.

Thank you for your prayers and support!!

Sincerely in Christ,

Ty & Rebecca Pepperdine

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